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To encourage, support and promote a responsible

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LFP GOV WATCH calls on our City government to continue to honor citizen priorities, live within existing revenue streams, continue to use volunteers more effectively, improve planning and efficiency, and continue to uphold transparency. We believe the following issues are of paramount importance:

Adhere to Citizen Priorities: The Mayor and Council should adhere to the priorities expressed by the citizens in the City’s various surveys:

2014 survey: 1) response to emergencies / natural disasters, 2) law enforcement, 3) roads, 4) sewer service, 5) city parks, 6) storm water runoff.

2009 survey: 1) preventing crime and protecting the community, 2) maintaining infrastructure and sewers, 3) managing development to protect creeks and to reduce flooding, 4) maintaining City parks and trails, 5) providing programs benefiting residents.

Limit Tax and Fee Increases: The City should not pass any extraordinary tax increases. Property tax increases must be limited to the limits in state law: the lower of the Implicit Price Deflator (IPD) or 1%. During the next 4 years there should be no B&O, utility, or sales tax increases. Stormwater fee increases should be limited the same as the property tax. Adjustments might be necessary in case of an extreme emergency that directly affects essential services to citizens.

Evaluate Staff Compensation: The formula that determines which cities are comparable to Lake Forest Park for the purpose of setting staff compensation is flawed—it allows cities to be included that have significantly larger commercial tax bases. The City must adjust salaries and benefits moderately and continue to negotiate increased employee contributions to their benefit plan. Why is this important? Current employment compensation is based on “so called” comparable cities. Lake Forest Park cannot afford these same levels of compensation. Lake Forest Park is more like a village with a limited tax base.

Improve Efficiency and Planning: The Council should direct City Administration to develop additional measures of effectiveness to ensure ongoing increases in City government efficiency. The Council and Administration must improve planning for the future to create a sustainable City budget. The City must develop “levels of service” for direct services provided to the public, along with measures of effectiveness to ensure that these services are being provided cost effectively.

Uphold Transparency: The City must continue to make their activities transparent and responsive to citizens. When issues or projects that affect neighborhoods arise, the City must inform citizens in a timely way and get their input before taking action. The City should develop a citizen review panel to periodically evaluate services provided directly to them.

Use Volunteers Effectively: The City should encourage volunteers to carry out important, nonessential programs and services, with the goal of further reducing and, when possible, eliminating City funding. Use the expertise on commissions to avoid using consultants where feasible.

LFP GOV WATCH will continue to work for the benefit of the citizens of Lake Forest Park. The committee invites concerned residents to join us in advocating a responsible City government by sending an email to

and effective City Government

Our Mission:

As a nonpartisan citizen’s organization, we work to keep Lake Forest Park livable, affordable, and sustainable by advocating a responsible and efficient City government. We provide factual information to residents so they can make informed decisions on critical issues..

What Citizens Want

“The City wants more $$ and I have fewer $$.”

– Ken Simkins

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