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Accomplishments to Date

•  Pulled together a united team of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who represent LFP.

•  Worked together to achieve a successful “No” vote on Proposition 1 in 2011.

•  Endorsed an effective Mayoral candidate.

•  Became regularly involved in Council Meetings, thereby influencing more transparency.

•  Influenced budget cuts at a crucial time when budget cuts were sorely needed.

•  Played a key role in the City’s remaining “in the black” even when it was difficult.

•  Influenced a Council/Mayoral attitude shift to be more responsive to citizen input.

•  Influenced the vote to implement a new “Rainy Day Fund” once the City could afford it.

•  Established Council Watch to provide citizens with regular updates and action alerts.

•  Proposed a pilot program called City Chats to improve City/resident communications.

•  Continue to be involved and work professionally with the City Council and Mayor.

Council Watch

LFP GOV Watch’s “Council Watch” monitors the City Council’s actions on a regular basis and reports back to citizens about monthly City Council meetings, Work Sessions, Council Committee of the Whole meetings, and Budget and Finance Committee meetings.

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Chronological News


LFP GOV Watch introduced a pilot project called City Chat for City Council consideration, in order to further the Council’s stated goal of enhancing two-way communications with Lake Forest Park residents. The Council’s Ad Hoc Communications Committee was taking it under consideration, however the Committee is in flux, and thus the City is not making any progress towards their stated goal.

2013 – 2014

LFP GOV Watch established “Council Watch” to monitor the City Council’s actions on a regular basis and report back to citizens. See above.

2012 – 2013

LFP GOV Watch urged the administration to schedule public meetings when projects are contemplated, such as the Park and Ride Proposal, Lyon Creek Bypass, Southern Gateway Project to provide an opportunity for people who will be affected to express their views.

December 2012

Mayor Mary Jane Goss vetoed the Additional 1% Property Tax increase proposed by Council Member Koppenol. Mayor Goss’ veto was upheld because Council Members French, Johnson and Wright (all three of whom were LFP GOV WATCH-endorsed Council Members) opposed it. The remaining Council Members could not override the Mayor’s veto. Click here to download our Three Key Budget Facts (61k pdf document).

August 2012

LFP GOV WATCH supported citizens by expressing concern about the process the City used when planning a Park and Ride in residential neighborhoods on 41st Avenue NE and 44th Avenue NE. The City published a schedule to obtain citizen input, but didn’t follow it. We recommended that the project be put on hold. Ultimately, after a great deal of negative input from citizens about placing a Park and Ride in neighborhoods with limited accessibility, the plan was cancelled.

March 2012

LFP GOV WATCH convinced the administration that the salary range for the new City Administrator, as proposed by the recruiter, was excessive. The salary range was reduced substantially from $135,000 to $115,000. A large number of highly qualified candidates applied for the position with the reduced salary range.

January 2012

LFP GOV WATCH initiates a Facebook page for ongoing news and updates.

November 2011

Three out of four LFP GOV WATCH-endorsed individuals are elected into public office.

September 2011

LFP GOV WATCH releases its second mailer, “Voting Facts for Tuesday November 8”

August 2011

LFP GOV WATCH releases its first mailer: “How Well Did City Hall Respond?”

May 2011

LFP Citizens form local government action group “LFP GOV WATCH.”

April 2011

LFP Citizens participated in a survey mailed out to residents. View a copy of the Survey here.

August 2010

Nearly 80% of LFP Citizens voted “no” on Proposition 1, effectively demanding that the City of Lake Forest Park find alternate ways to address the economic downturn and its impacts on services, rather than continuing with “business as usual” supported by an enormous tax increase.


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Our Mission:

As a nonpartisan citizen’s organization, we work to keep Lake Forest Park livable, affordable, and sustainable by advocating a responsible and efficient City government. We provide factual information to residents so they can make informed decisions on critical issues.

News & Accomplishments

“The tax-and-spend mentality must stop.”

– Jil Scollard

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