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“The City has no commercial base to support excessive funding.”

– Carm Schoening

Lake Forest Park Comprehensive Plan

In compliance with the State Growth Management Act, the City of Lake Forest Park is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan for the next twenty years.

Decisions made during the Plan’s update will affect land use, transportation, and economic development. The Plan will also set the levels of service for our infrastructure and determine how to pay for it—which may result in changes in zoning and development regulations. The City has hired a consulting firm, Studio M3W to serve as a guide through each stage of the process.

Stage 1: between now and early October, the City is reaching out to the community for help in “visioning” how the City might look over the next twenty years. The LFP GOV Watch Steering Committee contributed their input at its July 28th meeting and sent our views to members in a News Alert. The City conducted a telephone survey with 150 residents (results can be viewed here), held a Public Meeting on September 23, and will be hosting a Community Workshop and Open House in October.

     Take Action:

  1. October 1:

  2. Attend the Budget Open House to provide your input BEFORE the Mayor submits her proposed budget. Encourage the Mayor to prepare a budget that lives within our available funds and projected revenue WITHOUT raising taxes. Remind the City Council to continue a cautious course to sustainability:

City of Lake Forest Park Budget Open House

6:00 pm on Wednesday October 1, 2014 at City Hall

  1. October 23:

  2. After the Mayor submits her proposed budget on October 23, the City Council will review and vote on her budget. Continue to let the Council and the Mayor know your views. Contact them by phone or email: and/or attend the October and November Council Meetings to speak up during the Citizen Comment period.

  3. December 2014:

  4. The Council’s changes and final approval will likely take place in early December. However, the Mayor still has the power to veto their changes.

     Take Action:

  1. Be informed. Read about the Plan and the process, then share your ideas and opinions at the Community Workshop and Open House on Saturday October 4. Details here:

  2. Attend a Planning Commission Meeting: view schedule

  1. Can’t attend a meeting or workshop? Consider taking the online survey.

  2. You can also email your views to LFP’s Planning Director Steve Bennett and Assistant Planner Ande Flower –or– submit your comments via their website at:

Lake Forest Park Biennial Budget 2015-2016

The City of Lake Forest Park is well into preparation of the biennial budget for 2015-2016. All departments have submitted their budget projections for the next two years. Mayor Goss is scheduled to submit her budget to the City Council by October 23.

Although revenues to the City seem to be improving, and a $300,000 stabilization fund was established from monies saved by negotiating increased employee contributions to their health and benefit plans, the City must continue a cautious stance by adding to the stabilization fund—in order to bring the emergency cash fun back to pre-recession levels—rather than dipping into it. Many Council members consider the legally permitted 1% raise to our property taxes to be a given.

LFP GOV Watch has been attending the Council Finance Committee meetings, listening to the departmental reports, and reporting back to our members in the form of email alerts.

Our Mission:

As a nonpartisan citizen’s organization, we work to keep Lake Forest Park livable, affordable, and sustainable by advocating a responsible and efficient City government. We provide factual information to residents so they can make informed decisions on critical issues.

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