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“Property taxes are already too high. I am a widow on a fixed income who wants to remain in my home.”

– Carol Nilson

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1.  Get involved with LFP GOV Watch

  1. Contact us by phone (206) 363-5484 or email to learn more and to sign up for Council Meeting Highlights and citizen action alerts.

2.  Attend a City Council Meeting or Work Session

  1. Council Work Sessions are held from 6-7pm on the second Thursday of the month, just before the regular City Council Meetings. There is no opportunity for citizen comments during Work Sessions.

  2. City Council meetings begin at 7:00 pm on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. Make your views heard: the Citizen Comment period normally begins at 7:15 pm.

  3. Council Meetings of the Whole are held at 6pm on intermittent Mondays.

  4. NOTE: Council Work Sessions and regular Council Meeting dates and times are subject to change; please consult the City’s website for the agenda and updates at

3.  Sign Up for “Council Watch” Highlights and Alerts

  1. To receive regular updates from LFP GOV Watch about Council meeting discussions, and to be notified of important events and action issues, send an email to

4.  Join LFP GOV Watch’s “Council Watch” Committee

  1. Please sign up to take notes at a Council Meeting so we can continue to send out Council Meeting Highlights. Contact us by phone at (206) 363-5484 or by email at to learn more and volunteer.

5.  Donate to help LFP GOV Watch’s efforts

  1. Your donation will help us maintain this website, produce awareness mailers, and assist in election efforts. Click here to download the donation form.

Our Mission:

As a nonpartisan citizen’s organization, we work to keep Lake Forest Park livable, affordable, and sustainable by advocating a responsible and efficient City government. We provide factual information to residents so they can make informed decisions on critical issues.

What You Can Do

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